Kalera to Open Hawaii’s Largest Vertical Farming Facility, Bringing Fresh, Locally-Grown Greens and Food Supply Chain Security to an Island that Imports 90% of Its Produce

Tech-driven vertical farming company Kalera (Euronext Growth Oslo ticker KAL, Bloomberg: KSLLF), today announced it will open a facility in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2021. Kalera’s Hawaiian location will be the Company’s eighth facility announced, making it one of the fastest growing vertical farming companies in the United States. It will also be the largest vertical farming operation in the state, providing approximately 60 jobs to the local community upon opening. “The pandemic has really shown us how important sustainability is to Hawaii’s future… One of my goals for a sustainable Hawaii is to double local food production and a bright spot of the pandemic is that more families are consuming locally produced food and attempting to grow their own food. Every little bit helps as we try to work towards our sustainability goals,” said David Ige, Governor of Hawaii. “I believe a mix of traditional farming and new technologies is the wave of the future for agriculture in Hawaii. Innovations like vertical farming help farmers be more productive while using less resources – especially water. That’s why it’s exciting that a company like Kalera is making an investment to bring their operations to Hawaii, where we are sensitive to reducing our impact on the environment. I think technologies such as vertical farming and hydroponics also have appeal to younger people and could help attract more young farmers to the field.” -Read Full Article

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