Who we are and what drives us.

The reason why we go to work every day is to push the vertical farming agenda forward. 

It all started with a vision for a more sustainable city.

In 2010, a team of scientists and engineers founded Kalera, formerly known as Eco Convergence Group Inc., to envision and develop a green city of the future in central Florida. They looked into sustainable transport, agriculture, and other ways to drive sustainability forward in an urban context and researched how to make these concepts and products available on a broader scale. One of the key technologies emerging from ECG was vertical farming.

In 2018, we opened the first vertical farm in the hospitality industry, the HyCubeโ„ข at the Orlando World Center Marriottยฎ.

In April 2019, the company was renamed “Kalera.” Kickstarting our mission to combine technology and plant science to give communities across the globe access to fresh, nutritious, and clean greens.

In March 2020, we opened a second, larger-scale farm in Orlando, the third one in Atlanta followed in 2021. Six more larger-scale farms are currently under construction serving the US market, while through the acquisition of &ever, we now also have farms in Germany, Kuwait, and Singapore.

Challenging the status quo, contributing to a sustainable future.

At Kalera, we are driven by our belief that vertical farming can play an important role in the coming years to secure access to fresh produce for a growing world population that is faced with climate change, reduction of fertile farmland, and soil erosion.

We also see the need to replace the current traditional system of transporting produce around the country that keeps longer rather than focusing on locally grown, fresh, and flavorful produce.

What makes our greens stand out

When lettuce or microgreens grow undisturbed by pests, temperature swings, or pesticides, they deliver their absolute best. Rich flavor and Kalera greens have 50% or more increase in proteins, vitamins, and minerals compared to organic greens of the same variety (source). They also have a significantly higher dry matter which means you are buying less water. The result is a product that easily delights your palate and satisfies your nutritional requirements.


One of the biggest advantages of indoor farming is that it is just that, indoors. Our patented grow technologies keep external factors out (like pests) making pesticides and bio-pesticides obsolete. Sometimes you just have to close the door on nasties.

Meet the locals. They come to you fresher and crunchier and saved some miles and COโ‚‚, actually 98.5% compared to greens traditionally found in supermarkets. But for us , local also means engaging our communities, working with local chefs, and encouraging local talent to grow within Kalera.

Vertical farming allows us to keep things clean. Meaning no washing is needed, and our greens stay fresh longer. So put them to the test. You won’t be disappointed!