Ready to change the world?

Since 2010 we have been working tirelessly on our mission: provide consumers around the world with fresh, locally grown, and pesticide-free salads and herbs, which can be harvested on demand.

To make our ambitious mission a reality, an international team has come together at currently twelve locations worldwide. We celebrate our differences to get the best solutions, and we experiment and learn from our mistakes. What unites us is the desire to advance things, implement sustainable solutions, and create visible results.

Come and join the future - Find your career at Kalera

Are you interested in joining us on our mission? Find our current openings below and reach out to us. We are excited to hear from you!

Three principles guiding our actions

We grow the future.

At Kalera, we grow things! This includes plants, people, careers, innovation, technology, sales, profits, and relationships to name a few. We ask and expect that you be personally responsible in helping grow the future of Kalera!

Do the right thing, always.

When we interact with our employees, our customers, our partners, vendors and suppliers, our shareholders and investors, and the world/communities we serve, we do the right thing, always! This means we will act with integrity. We will treat others how we would like to be treated. We will make decisions that are in support of our mission.

Own it, all of it..

Ownership of all we do is critical to your success and the success of the company! Going above and beyond, completing the task at hand, helping others even though it might not be clearly your responsibility, and taking full responsibility of a situation are all examples of own it, all of it!