Fresh lettuce and herbs, growing next to people’s desks


Gray facades, gray laptops, gray faces: but in the middle of a Munich office complex, there is a splash of green that shines amid the everyday gray: On an area of just over 250 square meters – about the size of a tennis court – lettuces, herbs, and mustard seeds are growing here directly in an open-plan office, while work is going on around it. Up to 5,330 kilograms of delicious and healthy “greens” can be harvested each year. How is there room for this? Quite simply: in layers.

The special plantation is a so-called grow tower based on the vertical farming principle. This means that plants are grown on top of each other on a certain base area in a kind of shelf system on different levels (in a tower, so to speak). Where otherwise only one head of lettuce grows, there is room for four. The yield is also quadrupled. Particularly for large cities like Munich, where space is scarce, this is an exciting and forward-looking option.

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