POS displays

Our small-sized grow solution to provide smaller quantities of our greens in supermarkets and restaurants.  Available as of mid 2022.

What it is

Our display units a customizable output of between 15-30 kg of leafy greens per day. They can be combined with community farm or on-site growing solution to broaden the points of access for the vertical farm and als showcase our products in a more visible way. As a one-stop-shop, the system can easily be operated by untrained staff. 

How it works

Our displays units allows for plants pre-grown in grow towers or mega-farms to be cultivated until harvest on demand. Climate is controlled and water assure that plants to continue to grow at the point of sale.

For whom it grows greens

The biggest advantage of our displays units is their size. They virtually can go everywhere a larger fridge can go. So it is the perfect solution for smaller retail outlets and neighbourhood restaurants. Alternatively it can also act as a range extender for our on-site solutions and community farms.

What sets our greens apart