Top 20 Shareholders as of December 31, 2021

1LGT BANK AG20,717,3669,90%NomineeLIE
2UBS Switzerland AG20,138,5109,62%NomineeCH
3PERSHING LLC15,267,1857,29%NomineeUSA
4CANICA AS12,195,4125,83%OrdinaryNOR
5Citibank, N.A.10,389,2844,96%NomineeIRL
6CLEARSTREAM BANKING S.A.9,698,2964,63%NomineeLUX
7JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London7,758,4423,71%NomineeGER
8J.P. Morgan Securities LLC7,360,4923,52%NomineeUSA
9Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft6,299,4543,01%NomineeGER
10MACAMA AS6,170,7012,95%OrdinaryNOR
11Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC5,146,2652,46%NomineeUSA
12LANI INVEST AS5,005,6502,39%OrdinaryNOR
13State Street Bank and Trust Comp4,670,4182,23%NomineeUSA
14JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London4,199,0002,01%NomineeUK
15Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB4,005,0001,91%NomineeLUX
16KREANO AS4,000,0001,91%OrdinaryNOR
17DNB Markets Aksjehandel/-analyse3,805,9111,82%OrdinaryNOR
18State Street Bank and Trust Comp2,642,2601,26%NomineeUSA
19SIX SIS AG2,300,7001.10%NomineeCH
20Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB2,142,2501.02%NomineeLUX
Total # Owned by Top 20153,922,59673.52%
Total # of Shares209,354,819100%
As part of Kalera’s acquisition of Vindara, a subsidiary of Kalera has issued shares to certain third parties that are exchangeable into 2,084,087 new shares in Kalera.
Hence, there will be issued 2,084,087 new shares in Kalera at a later point.