Kalera Kuwait

Our first mega-farm in Kuwait produces up to 550kg of fresh salads and culinary herbs daily to supply kuwaiti supermarkets, restaurants, and food delivery services. 

Our Kuwait mega farm was developed to cultivate high-quality plants indoors while saving on natural resources. The first commercial farm in the Middle East is the newly opened vertical farm in Kuwait City. In addition to a daily yield of up to 550kg/1212lbs, the farm has faster growth cycles than traditional outdoor farms, which are dependent on the weather conditions and can grow greens and herbs all year round.

Dryponics technology drives better yield and higher efficiencies

The outstanding results at the Kuwait farm are made possible by Kalera’s dryponics method. This patented growing technique brings the following benefits:

  • Dryponics keeps the plants alive, with the roots intact, until they reach the consumer. Consumers will be able to harvest the plants only moments before consumption, resulting in higher nutritional value, better-tasting greens, and less food waste.
  • Dryponics saves 95% more water as the plant only takes what it needs.
  • The climate cell of the mega farm shields the plants from external attacks which is why no pesticides or bio pesticides are needed.

Our clients in Kuwait

These fine retailers and luxury hotels already work with us to provide tasty local greens to Kuwaiti guests and communities.

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