Community Farms

Our large-sized grow solution to provide larger quantities for cities or other centres of high demand.

What it is

Our large farms can produce up to 11 millions heads of lettuce each year. The modular approach allows for easy scalability and adaption to the growing demand for vertically farmed produce.  

How it works

Climate Cell

The Kalera Climate Cell creates a steady microenvironment to allows plants to grow independently of weather, seasons, and pests. apart from assuring ideal growing conditions the climate cell also secures the highest amount of energy efficiency.

Climate cells are built in a modular approach that allows scalability as well as varying climate conditions for different plants. 

The climate cell can be placed into existing buildings as well as greenfield developed buildings.


Our mega farm uses dryponics as the core grow technology. dryponics keeps the plants alive, with the roots intact, until they reach the consumer. consumers will be able to harvest the plants only moments before consumption, resulting in higher nutritional value, better-tasting greens, and less food waste.

All is designed in a way to save energy and labour cost, the two main drivers of operating costs for vertical farms.

For whom it grows greens

Due to their high capacity and scalability as well as the used core technology of dryponics our community farms work great for larger customers like retailers, restaurants, food delivery services as well as office and school canteens. for these customers, locally grown greens with superior flavours and higher nutrient levels are very relevant.

What sets our greens apart